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  • Senior Marketing Data Strategist Full time

    IM3 Gaming Studios seeks a talented marketing strategist with serious technical skills to join the user acquisition team. The marketing data strategist will drive effective and efficient user acquisition by performing quantitative analyses on marketing and player data. The successful candidate will have hands-on experience executing digital advertising campaigns and will also possess high aptitude in technical skills such as SQL, Python, R, or other programming and scripting languages. The successful candidate will also be knowledgeable about trends within mobile gaming, technology, and digital advertising.


    Develop advertising strategy for next generation of player acquisition at IM3 Gaming Studios
    Lead and oversee development of performance plans for newly launched games and help the team execute to maximize value to IM3 Gaming Studios.
    Monitor, optimize and report performance of campaigns on an ongoing basis.
    Identify new partner, platform, and optimization opportunities to drive campaign performance
    Develop test plans, measure performance, and make recommendations based on testing.
    Identify the highest impact testing opportunities, prioritize, execute, track results and communicate to game and marketing teams.

  • Senior Game Producer Full time

    Im3 Gaming Studios is currently seeking a full-time Producer. We are looking for a talented, motivated and experienced person to manage scheduling and oversee development processes. Qualified individuals are expected to be organized, with excellent communication skills, and have a proven track record in management for both internal and external outsourcing studios. The position will report to the Executive Game Producer and work directly with production project management teams. 

    This position will keep a clear line of communication with the game’s development /production team and will create and maintain task lists and scheduling information. An essential part of the producer role is the communication of the key daily, weekly and quarterly goals, achievements, issues, concerns and features to the development /production team.

    Under the direction of the Executive Producer, work will encompass identifying, describing, tracking and reviewing tasks for development team members, and the organization and management of individual, departmental and project wide scheduling information. Identification of task dependencies, people management, and task reviews, weekly reporting and assist in setting daily, weekly, quarterly milestone goals. 


    Works in partnership with the Executive Producer and discipline leads to manage the production schedule of the development team
    Liaises directly with the game’s development / production to ensure that key developmental and production objectives are satisfied
    Prepares and executes realistic project schedules for the development team including milestones and deliverables
    Implements project tracking through JIRA and scope management processes
    Assists in overseeing milestones for features and releases
    Proactively identifies risks associated with meeting feature and release milestones; ensures necessary and appropriate steps are taken to resolve difficulties which
    may impede progress or compromise achievement scheduled milestones
    Manages and continues to improve the production process
    Communicates regularly with team members to track the status of tasks and ensure deadlines are met
    Removes barriers so that team members can get their job done
    Writes internal documentation as necessary
    Serves as an internal game critic, and provides feedback to key stakeholders as occasions arise

  • Unity Animator Full time

    The Unity Animator will be working with a team of technical artists and art leadership. Core activities will revolve around creating performant animation and effects in Unity3D. Related tasks may include developing and animating particle systems, building and texturing simple 3D mesh, packing texture sheets, and assembling Unity prefabs.

    Required Skills

    Ability to communicate visually, and to identify and define visual design issues and solutions
    Core design skills, including the effective use of color, form, lighting and composition
    Core Photoshop CS6 skills such as compositing, texture painting, and tiling
    Solid knowledge of Unity animation processes, including mecanim, and particle systems
    Clear understanding of cameras, lighting, and shaders in Unity
    Familiarity with 3D software (Maya or Max)
    Familiarity with UV-mapping techniques
    Experience with asset optimization for the efficient use of resources on web and mobile platforms
    Strong problem-solving methodology